Roundglass Reach
Domain: UX Design, UI Design, Visual Design, Design Lead
Team Size:  02
Organization:  Edifecs / Roundglass

Roundglass Reach is a mobile first application to help individuals live their journey of wellbeing. Reach enables you to become the best of yourself accompanying you at every step of your health and welness needs. Use Reach to accomplish your personal health and wellness goals. Reach is bulndled with amazing features. Some of the key feature spotlights are -

Build healthy habits with your friends and family members

Connect with best care providers near you - Doctors, Nutritionists, Fitenss Trainers, Mental Health Professionals

Manage health records for you and family members - Build your own care circle

Timely in-app and push notifications and reminders that never let you fall behind in your goals


The solution is propreitary to Edifecs/Roundglass, so I may not be able to share all the details, but feel free to get in touch with me to learn more about the process, the design journey we took to bring the solution to life -