I specialize in end-to-end product design. My areas of expertise include Interaction Design, Visual/UI Design and User Research. Take a look into these projects and connect with me directly to dive deep into the their journeys and design processes I worked with to bring these projects from ideas to market products.

Blossom Caregiver
Roundglass Reach

Design for social good

I have always been interested and movtivated to design technologies for sustainable development, community reach and personal growth and witnessing how design can create a global impact with technology. Following are two award winning projects that are close to my heart where my design empower technology to reach marginalized communities across the globe. I love the intersection of design and technology in creating platform for communities in developing regions acheive goals

DISHA       Wonder Village

Weekend Design Sprints ..

I love to take up personal challenges to keep learning and developing my skills as a product designer. My inspirations come from my daily interactions across different digital platforms in personal life. During one of the weekends (sadly very less after being a dad to a fourth month little monster), I try to pick an application and critic it and propsoe a design solution that I think would be more user friendly. Following are some of my weekend design sprint challenge

Zillow Search Redesign

Flat & Flatmates

Amazon Website Redesign

Some oldies ..

Following are some projects I have worked on with a strong role of UI development. Being from a computer science background, I have always tried to bring my ideas to life in every way I can. Learning web programming languages - HTML, CSS, Jquery, Javasript helped me to step further into either helping the team to build the designs I proposed or even going a mile further and doing the development myself. Projects like Malignancy Chart Review System, WEBLABUX and my own website redesign has a strong UI development focus of me. MGSO4 Calculator is an android ODK application where I learned a new custom development language (writing XLSform scripts) to design and develop complex business flows. Take a ponder at these projects -

MGSO4 Calculator

Abercrombie Package Design

Malignancy Chart Review Systemr