Blossom Caregiver
Domain: UX Design, UI Design, Visual Design, Design Lead
Team Size:  01
Organization:  Edifecs / Roundglass
What is Blossom Caregiver solution?

Blossom Caregiver solution is one of the three pillars, aimed at fostering holistic development in children from birth until adolescence. Blossom Caregiver is a combination of digital solution and physical tools aimed at assisting pediatricians in providing continuous care to children. The solution has been co-designed with continuous feedback from pediatricians across India and we partnered with some of the internationally renowed pediatricians to help us design a usable, user friendly and eddficient solution that solves their critical business needs. We went through a lot of iterations and failed early and iterated quickly to bring out the most optimal solution that pediatricians feel proud to use.


50 + Doctors, 4 Cities, 3000 + Prescriptions

Blossom solution is currently available in 4 major cities of India in two platforms - Web and Android Tablet. We aim to further our reach and expand globally to disrupt pediatric pratice across the globe. The solution is propreitary to Edifecs/Roundglass, so I maynot be able to share all the details, but feel free to get in touch with me to learn more about the process, failures and the journey we took to design this beautiful solution -