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Welcome to my website. I am Product Designer based out of Seattle. During work hours, I am mostly seen articulating business requirements of products to end user needs, doodling ideas on my sketch pad, working with task flows - journey maps - wireframes/prototypes and whiteboarding with products teams to craft experiences for complex business needs. Away from work, I am a movie buff, an avid soccer fan, a doodle artist and a snowboard enthusiast.

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Take a look at my projects I have been involved in so far. I specialize in delivering end-to-end enterprise/consumer product solutions. Solving challenging problems, curating meaningful information from tons of fragmented data and designing effective and efficient interfaces to communicate end user needs - these keep me motivated and excited everyday at work.

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No product is complete until we have a thorough understanding of our end users and their expectations with the product. Every idea initiates and concludes with a research. I always love to be involved in a product as it conceives as an idea until it gets out to the hands of its users. Witnessing how users respond to the product and learning from their interaction experiences helps shape better understanding of the users and validate design decisions. I have also co-authored my findings from some of my projects at major conferences.

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